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Bad Performance on P3Dv5.2HF1

Sebastian Jansik

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Sebastian Jansik

Hi guys,

last days I have installed the new version of P3Dv5.2 - HF1 and also upgraded my CPU (as far as I can with my old mainboard). After the complete reinstall and the upgrade I got some truly bad performance in my simulator, with around 25FPS at the ground and around 20FPS in the air - please see my attached settings images, thank you.

I have installed ORBX Global Base, ORBX Germany North, Active Sky, REX5, FSLabs etc...

My current sytem:

Windows 10, 64bit

Intel i7-4790k CPU (used before an i5-4460 on P3Dv5.2 with better FPS!)

GTX 1080 GPU


Do you have any idea or tip for me, what I can try to do?

Thank you for your help in advance :)

1 World.jpg

2 Display.jpg

3 Lighting.jpg

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Holger Teutsch

The i7-4790k has hyperthreading and that can be problematic with p3d. I had this processor and if I recall right I used an affinity mask that disabled the virtual cores on physical proc 0 and 1.

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Sebastian Jansik

Thank you guys for your feedback. Turning off Enhanced Atmosphere doesn´t change anything for me, I would say it even got worse. Better performance for me with EA on.

Changing the Affinity Mask worked for me, got less micro stutters. Thank you very much for your help, appreciate it!

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Donny Wantogia
On 7/7/2021 at 2:06 AM, Lothar Gentzsch said:

Uncheck "Enhanced Athmospheric". Thats gave me the normal good franes back.


Thanks.. I get 30fps when I disable it ..

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