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P3D v5.2 with ORBX base pack night textures at day.

Chris Frasure

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Chris Frasure

I've fixed this before but can't remember how to now.  I'm getting flashes of night textures during the day with ORBX.  Anyone care to share how to fix please?  I'd be indebted :)


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Verify files for all your openLC products. Then resync the simulator through Orbx Central - Settings - Help - Sync Simulator :)

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Chris Frasure

Okay thanks…i don’t need to rename a bgl file to .off this time?  I have base pack.  And landclass North America and South America.  ORBX site says uninstall Base/reinstall.  Then verify all LC products.  Then sync. Same as what you are saying? Thanks much

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Søren Rasmussen

Have you installed the base pack in the P3D folder or in a library? If installed in the P3D folder, did you try uninstalling the base pack and then reinstall it as you mention.


Edit: did you also change the insertion point in the Orbx app after P3D install and synchronization.?

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