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Problems with addon.

Thomas Pepe

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Thomas Pepe


I, spent $160.  for this PIECE OF lovely colourful words  aircraft.  Can't get it to perform now for three months!  I'M DONE! $160 was a waste.  I'll never fly it again!

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How about listing your issues first so that people here can help you.

A lot of us have been flying the FSLabs without any issues at all, including this newest update to 5.2.

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Norman Blackburn
1 hour ago, Thomas Pepe said:

I, spent $160. 

Hi Thomas

You will see I've edited your post a little.  Whilst I understand you may be upset it doesn't mean dropping F bombs is going to help.  Lets start with what issues you are having so that we can try and help. 

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peter kelberg

Reminds me  of  a  earlier  thread by  Anthony of  his  comments  which  were  edited  as well ;)

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