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Marvin Toepfer

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Marvin Toepfer

Hello guys,

we all are still facing a bad pandemic, everyone of us is affected differently.The time I needed to spent at home, not able to see people, I was working on paints for our loved FSLabs Airbus or took the Airbus myself for a virtual spin around the world. It helped to spent the "prison-time" at home and it gave me a smile to see people enjoying my paints. A lot of you even donated my work which is really much appreciated! Thank you so much for that!

And those donations are the reason for this topic now.

I decided to donate every single penny of your donations in 2021 to a child hospice in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Of course, I could just do it without any notice but I feel like you guys should know what happened with your money. It was not spent by me on pizza or a coffee but it will be spent on things for kids who are facing the death in near time and who should have whatever they need or want to have. 

I texted with many of you and to be transparent on those donations, you gave me the approval to link your name here. If I didn't had the approval to link you or no answer at the moment, you will just see your initials :) 

A big thank you goes to:

Rob Simmons    -- 15,72€
Alexander Polcher -- 5€
Holger Teutsch -- 5€
Chris Kreuzbichler (vewg.net) -- 30€
P.M -- 50€
J.S -- 20€
N.B. -- 5€
C.T. -- 15€
N.F. -- 3,21€

Thats a total of 148,93€ which found their way already. All future donations will be transferred as well. 

Thanks again for all your support!

And of course: paints will remain free of charge for you to enjoy them!

Stay safe,


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phil highton
1 minute ago, Marvin Toepfer said:

Only to good people :lol:

lovely thing your doing , my wife is a nurse so i hear all the stories <_< great job and well done 

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Marvin Toepfer
Just now, phil highton said:

lovely thing your doing , my wife is a nurse so i hear all the stories <_< great job and well done 

hard job, especially during corona times! 

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Deniz Sarper

Well done Marvin thats a big respect and those kids deserv this :) 

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