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Terrain / Autogen loading...

Maor Grinberg

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Maor Grinberg



I've been struggling with this issue now and I just cannot seem to resolve it.

Please have a look at the video - it contains the a320 with orbx socal.. look at how the autogen is being loading abruptly.. is this a sim issue, or anything I can fix on my end ?

Thanks in advance,



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John Mc Avinue

You might be able to fix it by increasing the LOD (level of detail) radius but this could cause performance problems or even exceeding graphics card memory which would mean closing P3D and restarting.

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Wilhelm Zwirchmayr

Hello, with my setting I never have more than 4-6 GB of graphics card memory

Scenery Orbx global,Europa, airport

Level of detail radius Ultra
Tessellation factor high
Mesh ressolitaion 2m
Tesxture resolute 15 cm

my setting is just an example, you still have to adjust it for your system

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