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Adding newer sharklets to the A319X. Airbus Corporate JET (ACJ319), if possible

Frank Tennyson

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Frank Tennyson

To Whom It May Concern:

       Just wondering if FS LABS will eventually add sharklets to the A319X.  I understand some of the A319s have been converted for corporate use. I've seen pictures of this aircraft with the newer sharklets, and it's fantastic; Not to mention its range is 6750NM.  The present A319 corporate aircraft has a range of at least 6000NM.  I already own the A320X, and will be updating to the newer sharklet version.  I sincerely hope the personnel at FS LABS will consider this option in the future.  To the FS LABS team thank you for your wonderful products, as well as your time and patience.:)


Frank Tennyson, Major, USAF(RET)

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Norman Blackburn

Hello Frank,

We have no plans at this time to add Sharklets to the 319.

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Duarte Gomes


I've been following this addon for quite a few months and though the A319 SL would be a good idea, I'd appreciate more if an ACT version is developed in the A319 to simulate the CJ version. That's the only reason I am still using Aerosoft's A320 family. I rarely fly airlines' aircraft and have a virtual fleet of my own which includes an A319CJ since the times of FS2004 (on 2002 I used a 737 instead). The Aerosoft Airbus is quite easy to tune in that regard, as it's done in the traditional way in the Aircraft.cfg. Though it only let's you modify the fuel quantity (thus having only one big tank rather than actual ACT) and tank location (to keep the CG within limits as the fuel gets burnt), but as I've seen in this forum it is very much hard coded and custom-made externally in regards to the Aircraft.cfg so I can imagine that it is a much more harder task to code it, but I really would like to see it someday so I can finally invest on FSL and leave the Aerosoft Airbus. The minimum 20pax per airframe option is half way through a CJ version already (though in my personal fictional A319 CJ I only have 18 seats, but that's a minor "issue" if one can call it so.

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