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Anyone try this addon? (living airports 3D lights)

Ross McDonagh

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Carsten Uekermann
9 hours ago, Ross McDonagh said:

Has anyone here tried this?  The other rather well known-perhaps even infamous light addon nuked my P3D setup and forced a full reinstall but night lighting is something I’d love to get tuned up in my sim.. 



i did but honestly in my eyes it is not worth the money. You see a little bit more lights far away but that's it. Have a look at Black marble. Even if the developer has his own "character" BM and extended lights is amazing but at the cost of some FPS if maximizing it out.

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Ross McDonagh
2 hours ago, Pat Brooks said:

I have it. A couple of snapshots coming out of KLAS. Still have to do some more flying at night time to determine if it was worth it.



How’s the performance?  I’ll be anxiously awaiting word!  

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