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Question on copying from one hard drive to another?

peter kelberg

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peter kelberg

I  have  2  ssd  hard  drives  only  500 GB in size  and  now  they  are  both  nearly  full  to  capacity.   can  i   copy   the  contents  from the  hard  drives  to  a  larger   ssd   eg   hard  drive  1  is  my  windows  stuff   and  2nd  drive  is  my  games  etc.  Will  this  effect   anything  on  my  pc or  do i need  to  renistall  everything  again

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Norman Blackburn

Many drives now come with cloning software.  Be aware that if drive letters change then you run the risk of things not working.

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You have to be slightly careful.

If you want to copy the data from the non-system disk (e.g. the one containing just games), you can simply connect the new drive, create a partition there, and copy all of your data in a straightforward way. Then unplug your old drive and use the windows Disk Partition Tool to change the drive letter on your new drive to the one of the original disk.

If you want to copy the data from the system disk (usually C:), I would recommend using some data migration tool. I have used "Samsung data migration tool" several times. You simply connect the new drive, and use the tool - you pick a "source disk" (the old one) and "target disk" (the new one) - and it does everything for you. It copies the data and makes the new disk your new "system disk". Then it reboots your PC and your system should boot from the new drive automatically (and it also appears as C:\ now). Then you simply unplug the old drive and you are done.

Best, Jan

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Søren Rasmussen

As far as I recall, the Samsung data migration tool only works if the destination disk is a Samsung disk.

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