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Fabrice Paulin

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Fabrice Paulin


a quick question about GSX: I would like to use GSX on top of the fslab A320 (on P3D), but my configuration is already a little bit weak... does GSX has a big impact on the framerate? Or maybe only on the ground?

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Markus Burkhard

Well GSX actually CAN have some influence on FPS, especially on weaker PC systems. It really depends on how many vehicles are spawned and in view. If no GSX vehicles are active, then there's zero FPS impact. 

You can actually download the GSX trial version and see for yourself. But please note that you will need to uninstall GSX again when you're done with the trials, as this version will interfere with normal A320 operations if you're outside of the airports covered in the trial. Unless of course you buy GSX after your trials, in which case you can keep it installed and just activate it once the purchase is made.

In any case, while there can be FPS impact, it's certainly not big. But to make sure it works on your system, you should try before purchase.

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