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AMD Radeon 6900 XT and 8700k my experience


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Hello at all,

After I installed the new card into my system here a small status report for all interested in a new AMD card. ( I got this card for the purchase price of 1000 euros, which also helped in the final decision to buy. )


I7 8700k ( OC 5000 MHz) , 32 GB RAM 3200 , Asus RTX 2080 , SSD 2 TB Samsung


Asus RTX 2080 Strix to  Gigabyte Radeon 6900XT 16 GB

I have long considered whether I want to make the switch to AMD, since I have always had Nvida cards.

The current range of cards from Nvidia is simply poor in terms of VRAM, except for the RTX3090.  

But 2000 euros are too much compared to round about 1000 euros for the 6900XT. The market will also calm down a bit, but 1800 euros  for the 3090 will remain for Custom cards.

Raytracing does not matter for me, because this PC is only for the flight sim. Of course, the big weak point compared to the RTX 3080 or 3090 is here.

The 6900XT runs well, Quiet, cool and relatively energy efficient. Relatively because , there are also 300 watts  ....... no problems encountered in P3Dv5.1 H2 and v4.5

EHAM from FlyTampa with the FSLabs in 4k everything on Ultra settings only (HDR OFF) incl AI Traffic I get 37 up to 50 frames. Aerosoft EDDF with FSLABS A321 at Night 42 up to 50 Frames. However, my CPU limits, the PD3 even in V5 still requires a lot of CPU power, the result of frames per second is quite okay. If there are any problems I will write them.

AMD also seems to have learned something about drivers, their Adrenalin software works.

Saying that as a loyal Nvidia customer takes a bit of courage.

But well done AMD ....... so don't be afraid of AMD cards and the P3D.


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Gregory Verba

Hello Rene,

Thanks for your review.

How  much vram p3d can use with ultra settings? Is it getting close to 16Gb or not?

What were your AA and texture resolution during your tests?


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26 minutes ago, Gregory Verba said:

How  much vram p3d can use with ultra settings? Is it getting close to 16Gb or not?

In my case, round about 5,5 up to max 8,7 GB from 15.2 GB max available in P3D with the 6900XT  .  But it depends very much on the airport you use. EFHK from JustSim need a lot VRAM and KMIA from LatinVFR (this one need in 4k up to 9 GB)  But normally below 8 GB VRAM,  unfortunately not always. What ends in an OOM with an RTX 2080. Interesting would be True Earth from ORBX , but I only have the normal land classes, this could make a difference once again.


SSAA 4x (This is quite a big performance killer , but just looks much better)

and 2k Texure Resolution , but it makes only a little difference if you use 2k or 4k textures. Performache and VRam are almost the same ( ~ 1 GB more with 4k texture).



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Thanks for posting  this. I might also switch to AMD, although from 1080Ti. And am thinking about it more and more. I'm not giving 2.000 eur for 3090. 

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As reported in another topic, i can confirm the good performance with the RX 6900XT although mine runs relativly hot. I think the 6800XT might be enough if you get it for a good price. I got the 6900XT for 970€ which made it a no brainer considering that people pay over 1000€ for the 6800XT...

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On 1/27/2021 at 11:41 PM, Mateusz Chalupniczak said:

What frames did you achived with previous gpu?

Round about 32 -37 FPS with my RTX 2080 , that's approximately 10 FPS more with the Radeon 6900 XT

On 1/28/2021 at 1:21 AM, Hendrik Herryjanto said:

I have been eyeing RX6000 series but the question now is how to get one with a decent price.. lol

I had pre-ordered RTX 3080 from my dealer, but since they are not available, I was offered a 6900 XT as a goodwill replacement at that price.


How well the P3Dv5 works with the AMD GPU is best seen in the following pictures (all 4k).

at night EFHK take a look (upper right corner) 97% GPU Usage but 47 FPS

and in the outside view more like 60 FPS

Currently I had a few problems with the DXGI Hang Error , but that is not a problem of the AMD card , that affects Nvidia also.

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