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Using FSUIPC with FSLabs.

Anatoly Briskin

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Anatoly Briskin

Good Afternoon, Is there an in depth guide on how to setup FSLabs airbuses with FSUIPC.  I'm all over the place trying to assign various buttons to honeycomb yoke with no success in sight.  It does not appear like FSL has keystroke commands like PMDG where I can just map them to button thru FSUIPC.  Mouse macros only get me so far.  Currently I am stuck on three position switches and assigning multiple switches to the same stick button. Landing lights for example I want to turn them all on with button 1 push and turn them all off with a button 2 push.  In Xplane it is easily done with their version of LUA scripting but in P3D I am confuzeled as to how LUA operates with FSUIPC operates with addon.  

Thank you very much for your help. 

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