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Performance issue in cruise (A/P)

Alexandre Hallgren

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Alexandre Hallgren

Hi there,

I use the fslabs 320x on P3dv5.1 with the last hotfix on my laptop : Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 with an i7-10875h 8 core/16 thread, rtx 2070 super max-q and 32GB Ram at 3200Mhz.

On the ground at LFPO (Paris Orly) I have around 40FPS which is very good, my cpu utilization is around 50%  at 4Ghz and during the take off my fps dropped to 15-20 because my cpu utilization was at 100% so the frequency fell to 3.2Ghz (the max at 100% for my cpu). In cruise, my fps fluctuate between 25 and 35 and my cpu is used at 100%. So my question is how to improve my fps. Is there any way to overclock my CPU which temp is 80 C max ?


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stephen speak

I wouldn’t recommend overclocking..people have done that with results that wasn’t good..leave it stock..with a system like you have you shouldn’t have to overclock anything..seems to me like there’s something else going on..if you have hyper threading on try turning it off..sometimes this helps..if you think cooling is working overtime try blasting the cpu heat sink with compressed air or try water cooling 

don’t know if any of these helps 


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I've had some FPS problems only during cruise quite a while ago (around a year ago) and a full reinstall of the FSL Busses did the trick for me.

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