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Thrustmaster Problem No split Throttle

Dominik Fabianowski

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Dominik Fabianowski

Hello Folks!

I install my latest P3Dv5 with all my FSLabs aircraft and I cannot split the throttles. Everytime when I´m using them is both. I can´t move just engine number 1 or 2. How do I split?

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Ely Rasamiarijaona

Hi guy!! I'm french and may be can help you

i have hardly resolved my problem like that. See attached files for further information



A320 P3D HOTAS V100 N001b.jpg

A320 P3D HOTAS V100 N004.jpg

A320 P3D HOTAS V100 N005.jpg

A320 P3D HOTAS V100 N006.jpg

A320 P3D HOTAS V100 N007.jpg

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Within P3D, go into your "Axis Assignments" and select the hardware for your throttle device. There should be an axis assignment for each throttle (1 & 2) and you can assign them accordingly (Left & Right).

Also, make sure you do not have any other connected device for throttle control as this may cause issues as well. I have the Alpha Flight Yoke for any Boeing aircraft I fly but I use my TCA Sidestick the most as I prefer the 'Bus. (I also have profiles saved in P3D: one for Airbus and one for Boeing. I load whichever I am flying as the setup is different.)

Hopefully this will work as well for you as it does for me.

Absolutely love flying the FS Labs Airbuses. I REALLY  HOPE FS Labs will develop an A330 ;)

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