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Honeycomb Bravo Autopilot Programming

Ross McDonagh

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Ross McDonagh

So I’ve got the Honeycomb Bravo and been messing about with trying to program the autopilot panel which was my big reason for purchasing it (I’m a mostly Airbus kind of guy but I do on occasion fly Boeing’s and others) 

Programming the rotor brake codes in FSUIPC allows me to setup the APPR button... But the AUTOPILOT button even with proper rotor brake codes and deletion of the button profile in the Honeycomb Software requires “LVARS” which honestly I can’t understand really.


Long story short, I’m an airplane and Airbus nerd.... Not a computer programmer...    

This is what I received back as an answer from one of the guys who works on the honeycomb software (which btw is made by another Airbus developer) 

If anyone can help me out with these things for the FSLabs I’d be very grateful and would be willing to make videos of my progress. 





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Sorry I don't have anything to add, but have you had any progress since for at least the basic features like reversers? As a software engineer myself new to P3D still, I've been a bit lost myself as to how to work through the Honeycomb Configurator (they have tutorials but they're hidden away on YouTube on some obscure channel) and getting it to fully work with the FSLabs. I'm not even too worried about getting the autopilot stuff to work yet until I can get the essentials for me like the throttles going.

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