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pc down

Luca Toscani

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hi guys on my p3d v5.1 everything is fine apart from occasional crashes, okay. but I wanted to talk about this strange thing that happened to me long ago and yesterday twice. I was preparing a flight from lowi-lwsk with fslabs and at a certain point the pc shuts down and restarts instantly as if there was a power failure but the power was not turned off and in my room I have a group of continiutà (UPS ). restarted the pc and the flight I try to repeat it and now during the half flight again.
in the evening repeated again and I did it all the flight.
my pc configuration:
case cooler master h500p
asus rog maximum xi wifi
nvidia rtx 2070 super
ram 32 gb ddr4
corsair h115i
psu cs850m
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I had this kind of issue  while back with my old PC, 

double check your settings with the computer (if you're on windows 10 this is where you can find it)

Setting >system>scroll down to power and sleep>make sure it says never on both options

then click additional power settings 

on the right hand side click choose when the computer sleeps, then click on change advanced power settings

click on hard disk and put it to its max setting of (turn off hard disk ) - put it as this number 99999

then scroll down to sleep and ensure they're all switched to either never or off 

finally scroll down to display and make sure turn off display is selected to never

This is what I had to do with my PC and I don't have that issue anymore. I hope this helps in someway for you as well?


Jack King


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Alessandro Loguercio

Usually if the pc restarts it is because the protection for high temperatures is triggered, on my Ryzen 5 2600x at 95 ° I read that it restarts .. Take a look at the temperatures Luca.

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Bryan Richards

It sounds like it could be temperature related. How old is the pc? Have you cleaned it for dust? Also check that your h115i pump is running you can do this by looking in the icue program to see if it is registering an rpm, because it's possible that if the pump isn't running, the cpu will heat up the stagnant liquid in the block and thus cause an overheat. 

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Aside from high temps, the other thing that can cause that sort of restart would be overcurrent protection on the psu. Although I can't say that there is anything obvious with your setup to indicate it's under-powered. Have you overclocked anything?

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