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Any chance for a FSLabs heavy bus in the future??

Ivan Melon Lewis

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Ivan Melon Lewis

I can't say enough how much I'm enjoying and learning with the A320/321X. What a piece of software, team!! And as a FSLabs buses lover, I'd like to ask if there's a chance to fly a heavy bus developed by you guys in the horizon. During some years the FSLabs A330X has been the absolute number one on my wish list. Number two? the FSLabs A350X. I won't be the guy asking for you guys unveiling what projects you're working on. Actually I don't want to know, I like surprises. But a simple "yes" to answer the title of this post would make very happy to more than one :rolleyes: Gracias FSLabs team!!!

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The only thing FSL has said about the future is that they are working on something.  It may be a heavier 300 series or a NEO or a Piper Cub.  They won't say more until it is ready for testing and that will probably be many months (years?) away.

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