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5.1 Questions

Brad Zimmer

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I have been out of P3d for a while and gave MSFS a shot.  Though there are some things I like about it, there are some things I don't.  And, more importantly, I miss FSLabs!  I am planning to buy 5.1 and delete all of my previous P3d and start fresh.  I have a few questions for all of you

- What am I getting with 5.1 over previous versions outside of PBR?

- What is currently not compatible with 5.1 that was a must have in previous versions?

- How is the Fslabs performance in 5.1 based on my specs (ntel 6th Gen Core i7 6700K (4.6GHz Overclock) Quad Core//16GB Kingston DDR4 SDRAM 2400MHz//Graphics Processor: RTX 2070 Super)

- Are there any new must haves for 5.1 that wasn't available in previous versions?

- Will most of my add on airports work in 5.1?  

- Is that the best route to do the migration?  Delete then start from scratch?  I think that makes the most sense then I can add on the things I want and not the things I don't want

- How is the night lighting?



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Azlan Abdul Aziz

In my humble opinion, now that Fslabs busses are fully compatible with 5.1 hotfix, its well worth it.

Overall, I feel the performance improved greatly (your pc spec will run it no problem at reasonable settings).

Good news, airports from major developers like flightbeam, Orbx, Justflight, Aerosoft, Flightbeam, & Flytampa seems to run well for me. No performance issues. Bad news, complicated airports like Boston still struggle on my PC despite using a high end PC (dips to about 20 FPS).

Clean install is best for me. Minimizes any doubts.

I seem to get good performance for night flights too with all the bells and whistles on (HDR, dynamic lighting, reflections the works) - (average 30 fps and above at FT EKCH and Aerosofts LEMD) - I am using the RTX3080 though, maybe that has something to do with it.

Disclaimer - I actually upgraded my PC to run MSFS with i9 10850k and the 3080. Was not hoping for much gain in p3d because it is still based on the old FSX platform. I reckon the guys at P3D/LM probably did some thing special as improvements are very noticeable. Have not been on MSFS much though it probably will change when FSLabs is on that platform.

Also shout out to the FSLabs guys for getting their busses updated very-very quickly.

Oh well. That's my 2 Cents.




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