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GSX issue

Yann Aiche

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yes ofc i have it, it worked perfectly some days ago but it suddently stopped to board passenger, only the cargo is loading its so weird

(i wanna add that passenger boarding is working with other aircraft, idk if i'm missing something but its weird, everything else is working like when i press intercom to request the pushback etc, just pax are not boarding)

Do you think its maybe because when i upgraded the 320/319 i had still all the texutres of the older version still installed and everything and maybe there r a corrupted gsx file or something messing around lol? idk if such a thing is possible

*update* i tried a boarding with the 320 its working, but 319 isnt boarding pax lol*


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gsx 2 is activated, i told you that everything is working as intented with the 320, just with the 319 i cant see the passenger boarding so i never receive the 2nd loadsheet...


*update* so i completed a flight with the 320 this time, when i do the deboarding, pax are deboarding but then for some reason deboarding is stuck like inifnite deboarding so no way to board again , i have to reset prosition... i think there is really something messed up here

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