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Actual a320 X on p3d v4.5 HF2


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Hi ! I  would like to know if i can install fslabs a321 on p3d v4.5 hf2. I did not perform the hf3 update because I am fine with the hf2. yes i know many say to update it but i noticed various problems in hf3. so i would like to buy fs labs a320x and a321x but can i install it and make it work perfectly in p3d v 4.5 hf2? 
thanks. I'm waiting for news.
All the best
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Norman Blackburn

Hi Allesio,

Welcome to the forum.

Would you be so kind as to PM me your A320 Order Reference - starts FLI - and I will add it to your profile.  This will allow you to download liveries, sound files and much more.

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Realised no purchase yet.
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Norman Blackburn
1 minute ago, Laurent Valrhonet said:

Hello Norman, but what is the answer :D

Well it really depends on WHICH A320 he has first :D

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Norman Blackburn

And now I see he doesn’t yet have the A320 - my fault for reading on a phone screen.

From a support position I can only support our requirements at minimum and Thats HF3.

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12 hours ago, Norman Blackburn said:

E ora vedo che non ha ancora l'A320 - colpa mia per aver letto sullo schermo di un telefono.

Da una posizione di supporto posso solo supportare i nostri requisiti al minimo e questo è HF3.

Thanks for the reply  .
so i can't buy it today and install it on p3d 4.5 hf2?

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