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Need Some Advice And Suggestions For Correctly Using The New FSL Airbus A320 V5

Sameer Mankame

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Sameer Mankame

Hi There. Just A Week Back I Got My New FSL Airbus A320 V5 For LM P3D V5.

I Am Moving From MS FSX SP2.

I Moving To LM P3D V5 As Currently FSL Airbus A320 Is Not Available For The New MS FS Released This Year.

Add-ons I Decided To Buy 

1) FS2 Crew For FSL Airbus A320 V5

As I Don't Know Anything About LM P3D V5. Can Somebody Suggest Me Add-ons That Can Enhance My Experience Limited To My FSL Airbus A320 V5.

Also I Need Suggestions Regarding The Following.

Do I Need The Active Sky To Get WXR Working On The ND ?

Do I Need The FSDT GSX, As I Saw A Video In Which FSL Airbus A320 V5 Takes Advantage Of Some Nice Detailed Pre-flight And Post-flight Procedure Which Needs FSDT GSX.

Please Let Me Know. 

I Would Also Like To Thank The Entire Flightsimlabs Airbus Team For This Fantastic And A Great Airplane Ever Released For PC Based Flight Simulator.

Can't Wait To See FSL Airbus A320 Series For The New MS FS ASAP.

Thanking You

Sameer Mankame

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