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Takeoff Surveillance & Monitoring


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Hello everyone. By now, since this wonderful product came out, I have totally dedicated myself to flying with the AIRBUS FSLABS, apart from a few VFR flights to keep me trained with traditional navigation.
I am specializing more and more to take full advantage of this aircraft and I often try to complete my information by studying professional publications. Recently I was interested in reading the topic of "takeoff Surveillance & Monitoring", in acronym "TOS1" and "TOS2". In practice, the most up-to-date Airbuses have the possibility of highlighting with the help of the MCDU / MFD the gross error messages regarding the weight of the aircraft, takeoff speeds, and more. For example: TO SPEED TOO LOW or V1 / VR / V2 DISAGREE.
I'm curious to know if in the future FsLabs plans to implement these new functions.
Thank you.
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