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Start up issues with MS2020

Derek McBride

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Derek McBride

Whilst I simmed quite happily with FSX years ago, I thought I'd upgrade my hardware and dive into MS FX2020.  Dive is the correct word because of its size and complexity.  Its a beast stacked with options and is absolutely nothing like the old MS Sim packages.

So I thought I'd read up about it and downloaded a couple of so-called manuals but they were woefully short of the sort of detail I needed, especially the sort of detail that you need when you are in trouble.

So, here I am.

I have sorted my yoke and pedals, fired up the first trainer section and am up in a Cessna at 6400 ft, heading at 210degrees in absolutely mind blowing scenery.  (especially on a Samsung C49' curved screen.)

But, after a couple of sentences about who my pilot is and where we are,  I hear nothing else.  We just fly on forever.

The same issue acts out on the third lesson and I am stuck on the runway with the same pilot and a few of my flying controls work.

I can toggle the view all over the place and I can see,  on the runway view that my control surfaces move,  and I can increase the throttle, but the brakes don't come off.

I can reload my old FS X. and all is working as it should.  The 2020 version is an Express download.


I MUST be doing something stupid.


Can anyone help?



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