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A320X eSellerate purchase not accessible, sales data not valid!

Barry Weissburg

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Barry Weissburg


I am Barry Weissburg and I purchased the A320-X (P3Dv4) on 5/19/2019. Order #ST89907740.

This purchase was processed by eSellerate which I understand is no longer used.

Whilst installing the addon to my ssd, upon activation, I entered the order number and key but, they are no longer valid.

Therefore, I need you to provide valid activation data.

I am happy to provide any info you need to resolve this issue.



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Norman Blackburn

Hello Barry,

In September 2019 we had to change our licensing from Esellerate to Fastspring. For our customers we wished to make this as simple as is possible.

To aid this please visit our License Transfer site where you can change your purchase order free of charge. 

Please note that this applies only to orders for:

  • 320 for FSX
  • 320X for P3Dv4
  • 319X for P3Dv4

You will require your old Esellerate Order details. 

  • The Order ID starts with ST. (the number starting SKU is not the correct one)
  • The serial will start A320x or A319x depending on your product.
  • The email address you used at purchase.
  • Once you have gotten your new order details from Fastspring your previous order details are no longer valid and can be discarded.

Fastspring Order ID - or more correctly Order Reference, all start FLI. 
Fastspring serial numbers - or License codes are 6 groups of 5 characters, all split with hyphens.

Should you need a fresh download of the latest version of your purchase please visit our redownloads site. 

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