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Will the A320 run in my laptop?

Luis Hernández

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Luis Hernández

Hello everyone. 2 weeks ago I moved to P3D4.5, and now I'm looking for a bus. This is my rig:

Asus TUF FX504GD gaming laptop
CPU: i5-8300H, turbo restricted to 3.4 GHz for P3D4 (for enhanced thermal stability).
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, 2 GB, with boost disabled (for enhanced thermal stability).
RAM: 8GB (I don´t remember the rest of the specs).
Storage: 256 GB M.2 SSD (for OS)+ 1 TB SATA III SSD (for documents and sims).
Saitek X-52 controller (should not make any difference)
Display: 15.6", 1920 x 1080

I've read the minimum requirements for the A320 and compared them with my own results using Passmark. In my current setup, my CPU gets 8900 points but the GPU manages to get only 4800. A bit short of minimums.

In both P3D4.5 and FSX-SE I downgrade all textures to 1024 x 1024 (I don´t care about 4096 textures), limited AI to 80 planes with FSUIPC and I can keep 30 FPS in both sims with my heaviest planes (PMDG 777 in FSX, QW787 in P3D) and without any concerns (except maybe EDDF, EGLL and KJFK). I don't use addon airports in FSX or P3D, just Orbx Global+Vector+LC, but I always use real time weather.

With these usage conditions, will I be able to fly the A320 without issues in P3D4.5 and keep at least 30 FPS?


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Markus Burkhard

I would have liked to say if you can run the mentioned add-ons, then you should be able to run the A320 as well. However, your Notebook only has 8GB of RAM, so it is below minimum specifications I'm afraid. Perhaps, being a gaming laptop, you can double your RAM? Should be extremely cheap to get another 8GB, IF your device supports it?

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Andrzej Witold

So, did you got the Airbus? And if so - what is your experience?

I am using the same laptop but with slightly slower CPU and I wonder how FSL works for you? Now I am on Aerosoft A320 Pro and I would say it works OK, around 25 fps in most places. 

I am considering upgarde to FSL, but I'm skeptical about my hardware.



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Luis Hernández

Hello Andrej, I never purchased it (neither the FSL bus or the extra 8 GB RAM I need). I have also the Aerosoft A320, but I'm struggling sometimes with the VC.

I'm thinking again about getting it, but only because of the 2D panel (actually, it won't bother me). Otherwise, I fear my laptop won't be enough.

Now, there's a guy here that did something similar (but with a rather faster CPU and the desktop version of my GPU): 


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