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Uninstalling and reinstalling issue

Reece Verrett

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Reece Verrett

Good Day,

Well i completely forgot that their is a setup that you can run to uninstall the fslabs aircraft. I deleted the FSLabs folder after I installed some new VC Cockpit Textures, long story short the replacement panels were terrible so I thought i would just re-install the aircraft. When i run the exe for the latest update that was previously installed the setup tells me that this version is already installed. But the plane is not in the sim at all.  I followed this..... 

 and did not see any FSL files in the XML folders. Am I really going to have to uninstall P3DV4 all together because I made a stupid mistake? 

Id love some help


Thanks Reece Verrett

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Norman Blackburn

We dont touch the P3D install  so that wont benefit you at all Reece.

When a program installs it does a whole lot more than place files into one folder. Modern day programs install in many different drives as well as writing various entries into the system registry. For this reason its important to only use an uninstaller to reverse this. Not doing so can create way more issues than you are facing now.

As support our role is to support when you have issues with your product. It doesn’t extend to support of your computer. That said we are all passionate about flight simulation and would hate that something reasonable simple could get between you and using our product.

Whilst this is without our support the following link should help. Follow the instructions and look for the 320-X entry.


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Chris Ferrell


While this may not be the same exact issue as Reece, I am having difficulty installing the A319-X. I just downloaded the new version today ( and when I click on the installer and give permission to install the aircraft, I get an error message that says I have to update to v5.0.1.114?? I don't understand because I verified the installer and it literally is named "FSLabs_A319X_P3D_v5.0.1.114.exe"

I am using Prepar3D v5 HF2

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Chris Ferrell

Ahhhh.....maybe I was missing the A320 part of the message since I was hung up on trying to install the A319. I'll give it a shot, I'm sure it'll work now. Thanks for the speedy response!

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