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Cabin class selection

mohamed makhlouf

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mohamed makhlouf

Why can't fslabs design cabin classes in the a320 like in the captain sim can open doors inside the cabin and watching the tv for movies and safety,  even create passengers that are in the aircraft and cabin crew moving around and seated when signs are on , I mean like AI passengers and cabin crew moving according to the situation 

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Norman Blackburn

Hi @mohamed makhlouf

Whilst those things may be „cool“ to some, we prefer to spend the resources (ours and of course those in running the sim) in providing things the pilots would experience.

On an aside, I see you‘ve made a number of posts today.  I tried but couldn‘t find your A320-X purchase to add it to your account so that you can post in the proper sub forum.  If you have your order ID - begins with FLI - then please send it to me via PM and I will sort things out for you.

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Norman Blackburn
3 minutes ago, Jamie Whiting said:

 That cabin is far to luxurious for a real single isle....:P

Its to support social distancing.

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Trevor Hannant
On 9/9/2020 at 2:39 PM, Koen Meier said:

You can edit pax values. There is an internal cabin although basic in design.

Actually, there's a point...   I haven't looked in detail so please feel free to point me at the manual if it's there but can the cabin layout/capacities be edited at all?  So rather than have 50+ at the front, say reduce it to 30-ish and increase the other sections etc?

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Norman Blackburn

Dont confuse for example 60 60 60 as being the classes.  They are cabin zones.  Making 20 40 100 doesnt make 20 first, 40 business and 100 economy.

No matter what figures are entered the physical look inside the cabin will not change.

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