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A suggestion

Nuno M Pinto

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Not being able to post in the ConcordeX forum just because we don't own the product doesn't seem like a good idea. You can easily check whether someone owns the product or not and are disabling potential input from other users that can be valuable to the community.

Plus, if someone who might be interested in the product such as me as i was unable to use it in x86 systems back in the day (you know out of memory etc and i hate disabling scenery) wants to ask anything about it or, again, add additional input, i am not able to do so.



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Norman Blackburn
15 minutes ago, Nuno M Pinto said:

Feels out of place but yeah your forum, your rules.

Its slightly more complex than that :)  

In any event, things may change during the process but in much the same way as a potential customer of the A320-X would ask their query here, the same is true of any of our products.

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