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Cross winds landing ground behaviour

Samyak kini

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The Fslabs a320 does an amazing job in crosswind landing conditions. Everything is perfect till de-crabbing by squeezing the rudder downwind, the problem is after touch down. I make subtle rudder inputs to maintain centre line which doesn't correct the course a lot. Slightly heavy inputs make the aircraft veer violently. Due to which maintaining centre line during take off roll or after touchdown is almost impossible! I'm using the TCA sidestick for rudder axis and not using dedicated rudder pedals. Also, I don't have FSUIPC.

Any insight would be appreciated:)

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The problem might have to do with the BSCU (Brake and Steering Control Unit) in the FSlabs not behaving as expected, I mean comparing it to the real A320. I have the same problem transitioning from high speed phase on ground to taxi speed whilst I only have the rudder pedals actuation rather than the NWS Steering. Therefore, the orders from the rudder pedals should be enough to maintain the acft nice and straight.  


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Norman Blackburn

@Samyak kini

Would you mind dropping an email to us at support so that we can match your purchase to your forum account.  this will allow you to post in the proper sub forums as well as download liveries etc.

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