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How well can I run the FSL A321-X?

Janis Rieger

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Janis Rieger

Hello dear flight simmers,


First of all I am new to this forum and I guess this is the right section to post it. Yesterday, I purchased a new PC and I´d like to know how well I could run the A321 for P3Dv5 (It doesn´t work for FSX:SE, does it?).



AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (17,828 Passmark CPU points)

RX 5700XT 8GB VRAM (16,729 Passmark CPU points)

32GB RAM 3200MHz

1TB M.2 SSD (R:2000MB/s W:1700MB/s)


According to Passmark my PC will exceed the recommended specs by over twice the amound of points. So I´m sure that I can run it... but how well?

I don´t plan to add any addons besides GSX and some other aircraft addons and my perfect goal would be to achieve 40FPS no matter where I fly (I have no idea if that is even possible with such a complex aircraft)

It may be that this question has been ask a hundred times by now and I also tried to look on youtube to get a feeling which FPS I can expect from which specs, but every youtuber either has a much better system than mine or lots of graphic/scenery addons that influence the performance.

I want to be 101% dead sure before investing 200$ into the A321, so if anyone has the same or a similar system as me, I´d apreaciate if you could share your experience with me.


Kind regards and thanks in advance!

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Sabine Meier

A321 is only available for p3d v4 and v5 and you need to own the a320 for p3d v4 and v5.

p3d has some issues with amd GPUs resulting in bad performance, some of this was fixed in p3d v5 hf2 but I am not entirely sure it did fully solve it.

I know that I can obtain above 30fps in most scenarios even some with demanding pbr scenery on my intel/nvidia system.

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