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Waiting for a FS2020 condorde X please


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Norman Blackburn
4 hours ago, peplum said:

We are waiting for a FS2020 condorde X please.


Ive seen the list of aircraft that are coming with the sim and there was no sign of Concorde.

Please change your forum name to be your real first and last name thanks.


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Fraser Gale
2 hours ago, M@TTHl@S PlETSCH said:

Normal the minority that thinks its a majority. 

Can we not start this debate again please.  Each to their own.

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  • 1 month later...

I think quite wisely that the fsl team are focusing on fixing all the issues that P3d v5 has given them with the airbus, let alone start on a new product. Concorde was old and tired, and it would probably be quicker to start again from scratch rather than to re-hash the old product, especially as the technology has moved on a lot with regards to virtual cockpits and the like. 

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