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Replay idea: record second window only - is this possible?

Stu Antonio

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Stu Antonio

So the replay in P3D, no matter what tool I've tried, is useless. No proper recording of control surfaces, gear suspension, reversers etc. is possible. 

But since I'd really like reviewing and (re-)enjoying my landings in the FSLA3xx, I wonder if it is somehow possible to open a second window in P3D, switch to a different (chaseplane)camera in there, hide that window behind the main window - where I have to land the plane in the cockpit - and record that window only with some screen-capture software. You would only have one selected camera of course, but at least I could see a landing with working spoilers/reversers etc. for once. 

I've tried to set this up, but couldn't figure out how to hide and record that second window (yet) and I wasn't able to select only one window to record...
Anyone who might have an idea/hint how this maybe could work? 


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Norman Blackburn

Hi Stu,

These replays are not recording in the normal sense of the word.  The replay records lat/Lon/alt/speed/etc

They don‘t care about what is showing on screen so orders don‘t come into it.

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