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Howard Taylor

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Howard Taylor

Does anyone know if any 3rd party company or Microsoft and the developers of FS 2020 have plans to introduce the A380 double decker? I flew to Australia on this amazing aircraft, very quiet for such an heavy jet and it was possibly the most comfortable flight I have ever experienced as an economy passenger. I would love to fly this aircraft in FS 2020, along with the sadly missed UK Concorde which (on another trip) was parked on the USS Intrepid in New York Harbour immediately across from our balcony Cabin on the Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship in November 2014. Went onboard the Intrepid museum to view, but going inside Concorde was not available on that day.

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stephen speak

don't think you'll get any answers on here..this is an add on for flight simulators..not microsoft..FSLdid do a concorde for fsx but further development was halted or paused a while ago..no one knows the architecture of msfs2020 yet

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Timm Rehberg

I doubt an study-level A380 will make it ever into Flight Sim. However those whales's days are anyway counted. Major airlines already sort them out not even 10 years of using them.
There is a higher chance for an A350 but for this, I think a lot of source data is missing :) 

And for MSFS: Come on. Just give its birth first, then everybody will see what it is apart from some marketing we've seen so far.

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3 hours ago, Timm Rehberg said:

I think a lot of source data is missing

Who cares about simulation depth, as long as you model a cup of coffe and a smartphone for the VC table apparently people will love it. ;) 

Jokes aside, I wouldn't count on a FSLabs plane for MSFS personally but as I also like to say: Time and only time will tell.

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Craig Norman
4 hours ago, Koen Meier said:

i heard it was a trike. :D

Nah. It's got to be a Woodpigeon, surely?

As for doubts about an A380 coming due to their popularity in the real world waning, the A380 is still an interesting aircraft that's been in dire need of a study-level simulation for some time, yet there's been a few projects that have suffered development hell, which has made it a rather cursed aircraft to develop, yet FSL keeping schtum on their secret project could very well be an A380 or another long haul Airbus, and that the benefit of the doubt could be to give us a very nice surprise post-Sharklets.

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William Hudson
1 hour ago, Eamonn Jawhary said:

I would Personally love an FSLabs A330 as it is a very popular airframe.

We can only dream of such greatness

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