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FSLabs A320 will it work well with my PC specs?

James Underwood

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James Underwood

Hello all,

Found many threads about performance but not one matching my specs, so just wondering by chance if anyone has a similar setup and works fine, or if you think it *should* be fine, with no refunds at £90, and no demo or try before you buy I'd rather make sure it should work before splashing out and then having to let it collect dust, I hope I have reasonable settings as I'd like to get this!


Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Intel i5 9600k 3.70GHz 6 Core
nVidia GeForce GTX 1660 6GB
Prepar3d v4.5

Mostly use UK2000 airports (EGCC, EGKK, EGPH etc), I have the MK Dublin Airport, Orbx EU England and a couple of Orbx airports. I don't use AI traffic like UTL as I fly on Vatsim, I also use Active Sky as well.

My P3D settings:





Any help would be most appreciated!

I hope I can run with the above settings, as currently I am using the MJC Dash 8 and frames are perfect.


Thank you very much!



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