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Adding A319X to A320X

Graham Collins

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Graham Collins

I have had P3D V4.2.21.24048 running happily for several years now together with the fabulous A320X. 

I have tried to upgrade to later versions but the MSI client installer gets so far but never completes.  I have thought that it could be my A320X as lots of things load when P3D loads..... no science here I know.

I want to avoid, if possible, having to uninstall everything and then start again - I haven't got the stomach for three weeks of heartache and lots of posts here !

So I now see in RED on the purchase page here that I must now have P3D V4.5+ installed to allow me to add the A319X pack to my A320X.

Have I missed something ?  Is my only option now to un-install everything, upgrade P3D, upgrade my A320X and then add the A319X ?

Appreciate any thoughts, practical experience and guidance.

Many thanks


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Matt Richards

No need to uninstall everything. With every P3D update (including recent v5 updates), just uninstall P3D and install the latest version. I’ve never had an issue with things not working and I have hundreds of ads-ons.

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Marvin Toepfer

Hi Graham,

normally, it should be very simple: uninstall your P3D client and then just install the new client. Then you're good to go :) I think, things like Chaseplane or Active Sky needed an update as well then. But nothing you need to uninstall first. 
As far as I know, you can also simply install the new FSLabs version "over" the old one without uninstalling. 

Enjoy your flights with the A319 :)

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Recommended procedure is to:-

  1. Uninstall the FSL
  2. Uninstall the P3D Client (only)
  3. Install the new P3D Client
  4. Install the FSL.

Personally I reboot between all of those stages and I also fire up P3D once I've updated the Client (before installing the FSL) to check everything is OK. I also rebuild the P3D.cfg. As you're making quite a step in versions I would do a clean install of the FSL (delete all the FSL folders).

This served me well through the lifespan of v4 and with the two hotfixes we've had so far for v5 and is the procedure the beta team follow.

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