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A321 problem with MCDU and cabin sounds

Lee Jones

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hi guys, 

sorry to be a pain i was so impressed by the a320 i bought the a321 and ive noticed that on some repaints in the MCDU, BOARDING its showing 2/4 crew. its my understanding that this should be any number upto 5? 


id like to do use my own sounds for after landing and boarding music in some repaints i have the files in OGG format but they dont seem to work an example would be the monarch saftey demo i cant hear that in either in the a320 or the 321 i just hear the default (orange airline) one 

any help would be amazing 

thank you 


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Sabine Meier

First of all no support is provided here.

As far as boarding goes if the seat count isn’t over 200 you are fine with 4 cabin crew. Guide line is per 50 seats 1 cabin crew.

as far as sounds go pay attention to the icao code which must match the livery you are flying. 

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