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Prepar3d V4 or V5

Marco Scharfschwerdt

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Marco Scharfschwerdt

Hi everybody,

just a small question. I just changed from FSX-SE to Prepar3d V5. Now i want to fly my favorite airliner, an a320. So my question is, should I wait for the release for V5 or should i stick with a developer license for 1 month with V4? Thanks for your help.

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Antti Salo

Keep in mind that even if FSL for V5 is released in the next weeks, it’s going to be a matter of months (or who knows, even years) before the bugs in the sim and addons are flattened out and flying it is actually a pleasant experience.

Nonetheless, if I were in your position, I would wait those months and stick with V5. The whole process of setting up V4 and all related addons takes its time too, and personally I don’t think it’s worth it. I guess it just depends on how eager you are to fly the bus. :)

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Ross McDonagh

So I’m in the same boat.  My PC builders in Tampa strongly recommend V5-but without the FSLabs Bus it’s not worth buying the PC and getting what I need to get to begin.  I’m also concerned about the bugs I’ve seen in V5 with GPU/VRAM overuse.  When I finally get to fly the FSlabs bus (which I’ve been waiting to do since about 2009 ish...  Well-since whenever it was announced basically)   I truly do want it to be a smooth/pleasant experience.  So I’m now torn between getting the PC/V4/FSL A320/321 or waiting even longer for A. FSL for  P3D V5 and B. V5 to have enough bug fixes to make a difference.  

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Ryan Chapman

I'm stockpiling all of the updated scenery installers ready for when P3Dv5 is stable, and enough of the aircraft have become compatible with it. Until then I continue to use P3Dv4.5 AS normal until v5 meets it's benchmark. Your best bet is to pay monthly for v4.5 and when v5 'gets there' then make the switch!

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Ross McDonagh
On 5/29/2020 at 7:37 PM, Ryan Chapman said:

Your best bet is to pay monthly for v4.5 and when v5 'gets there' then make the switch!

How do you mean “pay monthly” ???  

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