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Best graphic settings for FSL A320

nasser fahel

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nasser fahel

Can anyone please help me with good settings for the A320? I'm not really into such stuff so I need some help here :)

Below is the dx diag attached for specs, appreciate your help :)

Edit: running p3d v4.5.12



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Sabine Meier
2 minutes ago, Chafik Zitouni said:

What is your computer spec ?

need to give more info to people to be able to help you.

he is using a laptop with i5-8300h, a gtx1050 ti and 8gb ram. but when i saw that i honestly thought that is on the low side.

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Norman Blackburn

Unfortunately 8GB is below our minimum requirement.

As I can not find your A320-X purchase details I am unable to add the product to your forum profile.  Please email us support at flight sim labs dot com with your order id and we shall add it for you.

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