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Carl Beeby

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Carl Beeby

Hi All,

Don't worry - not asking 'are we nearly there yet!'

Just if I may ask, for those running P3Dv5 does it have up-to-date airports i.e. EGCC 05/23 not 06/24, 3 Runways at LTAI etc.

I am deciding whether to go for v4.5 or upgrading to v5. I mostly use P3D for the FSLABS 320/321 - I fly Boeings in a different sim :)

Thanks for any answers



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Sabine Meier

i know that for LTAi there is a just sim scenery that will be made compatible.

all the default airports have been updated by LM over 24000 or so. for example it now includes VTBS by default. and yes EGCC now has the 05L/R and 23L/R.

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Sabine Meier
9 minutes ago, 千禧 马 said:

so do u know that fsl suppot p3dv5, because i want change to p3dv5

they are currently testing the a320-x update which will have v5 support.

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I think all airport are updated.. But not sure as of when.. Probably few years back..

My main Airport RCTP are updated with new taxi way and taxi sign change, but still ugly LOL

So i am struggle between FSX/v4 pacsim RCTP that have old taxiway but better look or v5 default with new taxiway that match the chart but ugly look

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