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P3D v5

Jed Brennan

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Jed Brennan


It has been a few weeks since your last announcement. Any hope of a release for the A320 in v5 for the weekend ? What is the expected timeline ?


thank you 

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Norman Blackburn

Hi @Andrey

Welcome to the forum.  Please change your forum name to be your real first and last name thanks.

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Ross McDonagh
On 5/14/2020 at 4:07 PM, Jed Brennan said:

What is the expected timeline ?

+1 (I normally wouldn’t ask this-but this time but  I will, because I’m literally waiting to place a PC order until they have the FSL Bus to test!)


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Jed Brennan


Can someone please respond, or can we at least have an update as to v5 compatibility. I don't really mind how long it is, but please just keep us all updated about what is going on.

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Jed,

We made an announcement at the time v5 was released which remains valid.  Short of telling people that the code on a specific line in a document was changed - which would mean nothing - there isn’t anything to share.

As testers we continue to test new versions as well as ensuring compatibility with v4.x

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