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a320 trhustlevers.ini

Sivaram Hariharan

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Sivaram Hariharan

Hello .... 

Sorry to ask but this is a very urgent q 

In the file a320 thrust levers.ini:


I have a doubt regarding these values. If the maximum TLA clb is increased to 4000 will the climb power be more? if so, if i changge the value here, do i have to make some changes elswhere(some other file). Also , another last q, does [GateControls_0] refer to the thrust levers of the cfm engined aircraft?. I am asking these qs because the cfm poered a320x does not at all climb above 25000ft. pls clarify If this is the general issue in reality

Pls kindly clarify my doubts.


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Sivaram Hariharan

Thanks for the clarification If u change for cfm will it change for iae also. I mean does this setting apply for each engine or is it general like it applies to both engines


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Marvin Toepfer
44 minutes ago, Sivaram Hariharan said:

but can u change only for cfm?

There is nothing to change. Climb performance depends on your load.

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