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//42 effects for fslabs A320x fam

Sabine Meier

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Sabine Meier

so //42 just announced that they want to see if there is demand for the fslabs series to get immersion. whilest the fslabs immersion might not be to the same levels at //42. i would argue that the effects that are currently in place is more then enough for me.


but what is your, aka the users, opinion on it.

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Christoph Sebek

Up to them really, if they themselves see a market in sales for the FSL, they should develop it.

Side comment: not giving discounts to previous NGX owners, not even the slightest bit, for the "new" NGXu package, changed my view a bit on their personalized sale perspective.

I purchased their packs for different aircraft but as you said, luckily FSL already implemented some stuff on their own and that should do it.

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i feel like FSLabs already does a good job in this department.  The one thing I never liked from seeing the screenshots of the immersion package is the condensation in the engines.  I feel that this is very rare in the real world.  But it almost appears like this effect appears in every shot somebody has with this package. 

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I like the effects FSL have included already. I think there's a market for sure but there are other add-ons which would definitely benifit more from it than the FSL busses.

But it's up to //42 what they consider as viable.

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