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i NEED help

Yann Aiche

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Hello, im a customer of the 320x and i wanna update it but the thing is that i lost my order id serial key i mean i cant find it, i sent like 4 mail to the support service but no replies PLEASE I NEED HELP im waiting for 2months now...

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Christoph Sebek

You might want to retry once again sending your query to support@flightsimlabs.com, quite sure Norman and the Crew can sort it out.

As you have the A320X Verified Owner tag below your name, should be no problem.

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Tim Vancauwenbergh
1 minute ago, yanou said:

okay ill try once again


Ah and by the way, set your name to be your real one ;)


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Norman Blackburn
6 hours ago, Yann Aiche said:

i sent like 4 mail to the support service but no replies PLEASE I NEED HELP im waiting for 2months now...

Hi Yann

Having replied to your email today from an account other than your normal one I then came to this thread and have to take issue with your claim.

The numbers highlighted refer to the number of posts in the email thread.  2 means your message plus the reply by the support agent.  As you can see there is one with 10 messages so clearly you were getting the replies.

in any event I will respond to your email again.  Please this time try to take a little more care with your order details.


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Now, you should follow exactly the instructions in the replies that you got in those other emails, as well as the reply you got (again) today.

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Don't just store your details in a folder. Print them out; save a hard copy. Do that with everything you buy then when your pc gives up you still have all the info.

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