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Raffaele Radice

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Raffaele Radice

Hi everybody.


I do really wish to buy the A320-X FSLabs. However, I am wondering id this beautiful aircraft can work on mu "old" PC-

My PC is a Intel I5-4570 CPU @3,20Ghz 3,20Ghz. 

My graphic car video is a NVidia GeForce GTX 760 

Windows 10 64 bit


I normally use Prepar3d4.5 with Active Sky, FS Global ORBx, Chaseplane, and so on….

I also use PMDG aircraft, Aerosft, Maddog….. as my favorite. 

Everything is good with those …. so my question is: What if buy FSLabs. Does it work enough fine on my Computer.


Thank you very much for your help.

Raffaele Radice.

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Norman Blackburn

HI Raffaele,

Until recently I was using the same video card with an i7-4770 and could get an experience on the lower side.  You dont mention how much RAM you have.  16GB is the minimum.

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Sarantos Tsialtas

I am actually flying the bus on a i7 950@4ghz with 12gb ram and gtx1070 so I dint think that you will have bigger problem than me.... 

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Raffaele Radice

Thank you for your replies.

I just want to tell that I can use PMDG 747 on my PC and it is very very smooth… I mean I can fly normally even if FPS drop dpwn till 10-15 it also remain smooth...

Do you think I can use FS2LABS A320 as PMDG?


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Raffaele Radice

I have also another question.

There are big differences between the FSX version and the Prepar3D one in terms of performance and specs requested?

Thank you.


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Christoph Sebek

FSX is 32bit, P3D with the latest version are now 64bit. Means, you won`t run into OOM (CTD`s however still occur...the culprit DLL`s have not changed) or have the 4GB limit as you have in FSX. And you can run P3D, despite being the FSX core, on higher settings without having to worry about constant crashes. However, there are only a few people who can really MAX IT OUT to the far right. As I am running custom AI, I am not one of them but I turned my sim into a smooth performance ride with stable frames and I am a happy camper.

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