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Benchmark results 8700K vs 3800X

Anshu Giri

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Benchmark scenario
Takeoff from (Aerosoft Heathrow) EGLL 9L, Climb straight to 3000, turn right and intercept ILS 27L, autoland). No weather. (P3Dv4 All sliders to Max)

P3Dv4.4 HF2, ORBX FTX Global, Aerosoft Heathrow, FSL a320X (Latest ver).

System Specs
1. 8700K (5.0ghz, AM 1365), Noctua NH-U14s, 32GB DDR4 3200 CL16 (4x8GB), RTX 2080, 1440p resolution.
2. 3800X (4.375ghz, HT Off), Stock cooler, 32GB DDR4 3200 CL16 (4x8GB), RTX 2080, 1440p resolution.


                     Average framerate  :   38.1 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   31.6 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   42.3 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :   27.3 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :   22.6 FPS

                     Average framerate  :   34.4 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   28.0 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   38.6 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :   26.7 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :   24.1 FPS

3800X performs worst with SMT enabled (but still smoother than 8700k stock with no AM). It performed much better with AM 21845, but performed best with SMT disabled.
Also, disabling SMT brought down temps by 10c atleast. My 3800x system OC was limited by operating temps, the stock cooler couldnt handle a 4.5ghz all core OC, even though it was stable. Also, going from 3200c16 2x8GB to 4x8GB improved performance by atleast 5%.
With default PBO boost, 3800x clocks were hovering around 4.1-4.3ghz, but weren't steady, hence requiring an all core OC, which stabilized clocks.

Feel free to ask any questions and suggestions you have. I'll try my best to test it out in the sim.

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