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A3XX Product line paid update for P3D v5?

Aaron Kim

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After seeing Matt Davies accidentally leak his P3D v5 download, I can assume that there will be a P3D v5. Since FS2020 is around the corner, do we expect a paid update for P3D v5? Of course, no info about v5 is known yet, so this can change but just from hearing "P3D v5" do you guys expect to have a free or paid update to v5? I do expect a paid update to FS2020 (if FSL will make their A3XX product available for FS2020) as it's a different simulator in many ways, however, I am wondering if FSL will charge money for P3D v5 since i do expect a portion of P3D users will jump ship to FS2020 in a few years. I'm also assuming this is LM's last ditch effort to make P3D alive. Seeing many users on the web, many people do not want a paid update for v5 as they want to save and would rather pay for an FS2020 update. Just an interesting thought.

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Aaron

We really can’t say one way or the other right now.  Thanks for understanning.

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