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How do I upgrade to 320X for P3DV4?

Tom Streff

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I have the A320X for P3Dv4 and want to get the upgrade to P3dV4. When I click on the purchase page, I do not see any upgrade option, but only the full purchase price page. Any idea how I can get the upgraded/updated A320X. I love the plane, but don't want to spend another $139USD for an upgrade. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Norman Blackburn


Visit licensetransfer.flightsimlabs.com if you have not already done this.  To confirm, you are saying you have the 320X for P3Dv4 and want to upgrade it?  There is no upgrade required or available so not sure what it is you are seeing.

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Hi Norman,

My bad. I do NOT have 320X for P3Dv4, I have 320X for P3DV3. Bad typo on my part for the original post-Sorry! So to clarify, I have the 320X which I purchase in 2017 for P3D Version 3. I would like to upgrade my V3 to V4. When I go to the purchase page, all I can find is buying the 320XV4 for $139.99 USD with no free upgrade offered. I know there was a free upgrade for those who purchased the 320X  for P3DV3. Please help me to find this free upgrade. 

Thank you for your help



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Norman Blackburn

Hi Tom, 

As you said, there was a free upgrade path from v3 to v4.  It ran from when we released for v4 right up until the end of June 2019.  This gave a couple of yeas or more to our loyal customers giving ample opportunity to avail of the free upgrade.  The original plan, and indeed advice on the forums was that this would be only available for a short time.

In this announcement we announced a number of changes to our products, including the removal of Concorde and 320x for v3 from sale.  It also ended the opportunity for the free upgrade.  Even so we gave 2 full weeks notice that this was happening.

So sadly I can’t help find you a link as none exists.

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