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Concorde X

Arnaud Chappee

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Norman Blackburn

Hello Arnaud,

Hank’s for your interest.  As you have seen we no longer sell the Concorde for any platform.  

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Ray Proudfoot
17 hours ago, Norman Blackburn said:

Unfortunately there is no other way. 

Very unfortunate because if people could try it without having to spend money it could benefit FSL in the long term with increased sales. That’s assuming of course a 64-bit version will eventually be produced for either MFS or P3D v5.

Now that an initial SDK has been released by Microsoft I hope that will help the team have a better idea of what is possible.

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Nice to hear from you Ray....it is very unfortunate, that FSL’s Concorde isn’t available.  We all hope for some news from FSL “soon” as they say.


all the best


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