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A321 fuel pumps switches

Horst Könnecker

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Horst Könnecker

Hi there,

I tried to set up the A321 this morning. I.e., rudder

Throttle and Brakes. Works after many hurdles except fuel pumps

with Linda on my OVHD panel control desk



On the A320 I can switch on the fuel pumps one after the other.

On the A321 I can switch L TK 1 and 2 to ON.

CTR TK L does not go ON, but switches X Feed to ON

CTR TK R switches mode Sel to MAN

R TK 1 switches CTR TK L to ON

R TK 2 switches CTR TK R to ON

With the mouse I can switch the switches to ON one after the other.

The question is, is it not working correctly with the A320 or with

the A321? Now, if I didn't have the OVHD replica

switch the fuel switches with the mouse. How about is the procedure

correct? Only the pumps in sequence to ON or XFEED and mode Sel

as well? I don't have the slightest idea how it's supposed to be done. On the A320.

I've never really thought about whether it's right, it's just that

the six switches to ON and ready.

Best regards



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Horst Könnecker


Thanks a lot for the advice. I immediately made the download.

Best regards



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Horst Könnecker

Hi, Marc,

hat leider nichts geholfen, jetzt lassen sich nur  LTK 1&2 schalten.




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