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Forum Notification Settings

Ralf Goertz

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Somehow I have problems with the notification settings in this forum. Either I am getting mails for the content I follow or I don't get any notification at all.

I can't get it to set it so that when you visit the forum page, there is a number on the bell icon that indicates the number of notifications. What is the trick to set it like this?

I get either a bunch of mails or nothing! What is different about this forum and what am I doing wrong?

Best regards

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The setting might be "locked", but it's locked "on", so that shouldn't be the issue.

I had something similar awhile ago not getting emails on the announcements forum. I was advised to "un-follow" the forum, completely sign out of the forum, sign back in again and re-follow.

This procedure solved it for me

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Hi Matt,
that's the point, I only get emails, but i don't want them!

I just want a notification when i visit the forum. But because it's locked, i can't mark the column "Notification List", just like all the others are marked.

That's the problem, why is it locked?

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