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320X offline update installation


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I have read that the update process requires an uninstall of the current version and then a reinstall of the updated version.  I have the A320X but I have not yet updated it.  I recently downloaded the latest update (v2.0.2.424) for the A320-X from the download page, however, I noticed that it was only 7.7kb after downloading leading me to believe that it is an installer which will do the real downloading after it is installed on the SIM computer. If this is true, then the trouble for me is that my SIM is not connected to the internet.  I could with great difficulty get it temporarily connected with a very slow connection with very limited data.  So for a small update or authentication it is possible.  But my original installation file, if I remember correctly was around 1GB.  I can easily download on a separate computer and then transfer that install file to the SIM.  I was under the impression when I bought FSL 320X that an offline update was possible.  My questions are thus:

1. Am I correct that the 7.7kb zip file is just an installer and there is more to download? or perhaps it should be 1GB and something went wrong with my download.

2. Is an offline update possible and if so, what is the procedure?

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Markus Burkhard

Please update your user name to your real name, as per the forum rules, thanks.

Something must have gone wrong during your download of the latest version. You should get the whole installer from the re-downloads page. I suggest you try again and see if you can get something that is a bit over 1GB in size?

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Daniel Leitinger

Have you downloaded the file with a download manager? Because I have to download the installer with the browser itself, otherwise I, like you, can only download an index file ca. 9kb in it's size.

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